The Groom

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1. Event

Congratulations, you convinced someone to marry you. Lets make sure you start this journey on the right foot. Your children's children are going to see photos from your wedding day, so go for a simple, classy look, and execute it with perfection.

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2. Focus

This is key. It's your wedding, right? Time to show everyone you know how to look good? Indeed, you need to look sharp, but the thing to keep in mind is that while this is a big day for you, it's even more so for her. This is her show, and the spotlight needs to remain on her.

You're playing a supporting role here, but an important one. Try to keep that in mind, act like a gentleman, and wait for the after party to let loose.

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3. Style

The apprentice
If putting on a tuxedo is foreign to you, stick to the basics. Black shoes, black bow tie, white pocket square. Come in and we'll walk you through it.

The journeyman
You're going to be tempted to show off your style here, but remember the focus is on her. Keep your look restrained and classic. Have some fun with your shoes, try velvet slippers, and learn to love the real bow tie. The photos are going to look awesome.

The master
You already know the simple power of the tux, no need to mess with anything here. Do make sure you go self-tie.