The Party

Graham Theresa Married-Graham Theresa Married-0349.jpg

1. Event

You've survived another year. This is a time for celebration. Do it with style.


2. Focus

You're second to your bride at your wedding. You do what you're told as a groomsman. But the holiday party? New Year's Eve? No need to hold back, go ahead and have some fun. Dress to the nines and Uber home .



3. Style

The apprentice
You're going in black tie. Nice move. Step out of your comfort zone with velvet slippers and maybe a velvet bow tie. We've got em.

The journeyman
Have a little fun here. No need to take a back seat to anyone else. A white or colored dinner jacket will impress. Pair it with some velvet. Channel some James Bond here. Dress sharp, feel good, have a blast. 

The master
This is your thing. Turtleneck under a shawl collar jacket? Mix in some worn-in denim? Go ahead and flex on some peasants.