The Groomsman

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1. Event

You're one of the boys, you've earned your way into the wedding party. You're pretty much going to be told what to do, where to stand, and how to dress. We're going to make sure you play your role in style, though.

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2. Focus

The bride and groom are going to tell you at some point in their wedding planning process what you are going to be wearing. You probably won't have much of a say. Be gracious, thank them for including you, and try to keep your sartorial suggestions to yourself.

You're playing a supporting role here, so be a gentleman. Smile for the photos, hold the door open, and if you're giving a speech, make sure it's grandmother-approved. Wait for the after-party to let loose.


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3. Style

The apprentice
You're going to wear what they've asked you to wear. If they want you in a tuxedo, come see us, you won't find better. 

The journeyman
The same goes for you; make sure you follow the bride and groom's instructions. Realize though, that a black tuxedo from Lapel is going to match a black tuxedo from anywhere else. If they tell you to go to a rental chain store, come see us first, and try to get the groom to come with you.

The master
If the bride and groom have questionable style, this is going to be tough on you. If they want you in a tux, we're here for you. You won't be disappointed.