The Journeyman

DW photoshoot peaked-3.jpg

Respect the rules

In traditional artisan craftsman terminology, a journeyman is honing his craft, no longer an apprentice, not yet a master.

Here, we define the journeyman as a guy who familiar with the rules. He knows to match his metals and leathers, leave the bottom button undone, and wear laces with suits. He probably owns some selvedge denim, a made-to-measure suit from an online 'tailor', and some colorful socks. He can hold his own, but he's still likely to make mistakes if he strays too far from convention. Making these mistakes, and learning from them, is how he graduates to the next level.

If this is you, go with a simple and classic tuxedo, and execute it with perfection.

The kit


Black or midnight blue peaked lapel or shawl collar


White spread collar
White wing collar
Fly front, bib, or pleated front


Black satin neckwear
White pocket square
Optional black satin cummerbund 


Black patent leather oxfords
Black calfskin oxfords
Black velvet slippers
Black fine-gauge dress socks