Talk to us about your wedding theme and colors. We'll help you select a suit or tux that's both stylish and timeless. 

We avoid the colored vests, but there are still ways to add some personality to your wedding attire. Bow ties and pocket squares are a great way to add a touch without being too much. 

No Pressure

We can take care of the groom, the groomsmen, the dads, or the whole crew. You'll love what we have to offer, and if you don't, we'll help you find someone who does.

No pressure. We'll help you make this the easiest part of your wedding planning.


Of course, every Lapel suit or tuxedo is guaranteed to fit better than any other rental out there. Making a better fitting rental was the reason we stared Lapel.

Our suits and tuxedos are designed slim through the body with a higher armhole. A perfect blend of classic and contemporary. 


This wedding is getting expensive, right?! Maybe we can help. With a wedding party of 5 or more groomsmen, the groom's tuxedo is free. The groom could also choose to use his discount to help out the guys.